Malte Schilling

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I am a Responsible Investigator at the Center of Excellence for ‘Cognitive Interaction Technology’ in Bielefeld. My work concentrates on internal models, their grounding in behaviour and their application in higher-level cognitive function like planning ahead or communication.

Before going back to Bielefeld I stayed for two years in Berkeley (California) at the ICSI (International Computer Science Institute) as a PostDoc and did research on the connection of higher-level linguistic representation to sensorimotor representation as part of the Neural Theory of Language project. During a stay at the Sony Computer Science Laboratory in Paris I worked on the embodiment of language and the connections between internal models and language.

I finished my PhD in January 2010. It is on a bottom-up approach to cognitive control. The thesis was written in the working group of Holk Cruse (Biological Cybernetics and Theoretical Biology) and deals on the one hand with the implementation of a biology-inspired control system for a hexapod robot. On the other hand, this system has been extended through grounded internal models which are used by the lower-level system for control of behaviour, but can now be additionally applied in a mental simulation for planning ahead. The internal body model has been realised as a neural network representing the body structure and its dynamics in a dual quaternion representation using the Mean of Multiple Computation principle (for details, see publications).

At the moment, I am applying the body model to the control network, enabling the whole system to use the model decoupled from the body in planning ahead and for recruitment in further cognitive tasks. We are going to extend our minimal cognitive systems approach to include not only bottom-up grounding of internal models, but also to employ top-down influences governing the cognitive abilities as are given through communication or in cooperation.